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Guide To Saving Fuel and being a more effecient driver

Whatever car you drive, whether its a 2 seater Aston Martin DB9 that does a ridiculous 16mpg, or a Toyota Prius Hybrid that can do 51mpg, there are still many things you can do to save fuel. Which in turn, will help to save the environment, as well as saving you some hard earned cash! […]

Eco fathers day gifts

At Eco Green Store we have some great gifts for fathers day at a prices to suit everyone – it may give you that little bit of inspiration that you need – after all, Dad’s are never easy to buy for. So whether your Dad’s out to save the world, save some money, or just […]

Organic Fortnight is here!

Organic Fortnight 3-17 September 2010 Choose organic everydaySoil Association Organic Fortnight, is the UK’s biggest celebration of all things organic. This year we are encouraging you to try something organic everyday and have provided some great ideas below. Get involved during the fortnight and discover why organic is good for your well-being and your planet, […]

E-cloths, The Ultimate in Microfibre cleaning

So how is it that just a cloth and some water can get your surfaces as clean, if not cleaner, than if you were using a traditional cleaning agent to perform such wonders? Well here at EcoGreenStore we thouight that we’d answer that question for you and shed some light on exactly how e-cloths work. […]

Faith in Nature why you should use their products!

Faith in Nature are the manufacturers of the award winning natural beauty range Faith In Nature and the natural household cleaning brand Clearspring. Over 30 years ago, their founder Rivka Rose wanted to create a range of skin and hair care products produced with natural products and with no synthetic additives to ensure that neither the […]

Bentley organic

Bentley organic have a huge range of products available for the house and home.   Their companies’ philosophy is something they adhere to very strictly to ensure they keep their products in line with what their customers expect, nothing but the best organically. Their company philosophy -            “Combining expertise with innovation, we have succeeded in producing […]


Ecozone are one of the worlds leading manufactures of ecological products, giving you easy to use alternatives, to some products that have been proven to be harmful to the environment. And here, in no particular order, are the ten best products from Ecozone! Moonlight Night Light Eco balls Ecostapler Biobulb Dryer Balls New Products from […]

Ecover Products!

These days everyone is looking to go green, in as many ways as possible. With the impending doom of the world, based around global warming, governments around the world are encouraging recycling and a reduce in waste. But what can you do, to do your bit in the worldwide fight against global warning. I’m here […]
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