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Category: Wheatgrass Juice

The Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass powder is a food prepared from the cotyledons of the common wheat plant. It is sold either as a juice or powder concentrate and available from Wheatgrass differs from wheat malt in that it is served freeze-dried or fresh, while wheat malt is convectively dried.  It provides chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Claims about the health benefits of wheatgrass range from […]

Mighty Juices

Here are some great juice recipes for all to try, please look out for more,  Mighty Green Grape When it comes to juicing, you really are your own best chef. If you’re looking to start experimenting beyond your typical everyday recipe, this is an excellent juice because you’re adding in new and unique ingredients, like […]

Do You Feel Ashamed Of Your Body

Do You Feel Ashamed Of Your Body, well you shouldn’t, there is another way, spend enough time on this blog site and we will help you lose weight with some of the fantastic juice and green smoothie recipes with the help of wheatgrass powder and kelp powder from your number one website for all things to consume green, excuse the […]

Health Benefits of LiveWheatgrass Juices and Wheatgrass Powder

Nutrition is at the heart of a healthy life. The foods we eat are the foundation of our health and good nutrition can enhance our wellbeing and help support the immune system. We specialise in offering the most nutritious foods in a pristine, organic, raw, 100% pure form. We offer organic raw, unprocessed Wheatgrass Juice, […]

The Number One Superfood – The Nutritional Story

This remarkable number one super food or whole food contains an abundance of nutrients all integrated by nature into a balance and potency unmatched by synthetic health products. Vitamin A: Wheatgrass contains plenty of this powerful antioxidant which helps protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals created by modern lifestyles and pollution. The Vitamin […]

Diabetes Are You Next, Are You Overweight

According To The Centers For Disease Control (CDC)…And The Diabetes Association, Right Now…As YOU Read This… 9,315 People Are Hurtling Towards A DEADLY DIABETES DISASTER! Want to avoid becoming a mere statistic – one of the 388 people who will DIE IN THE NEXT HOUR from diabetes and its deadly complications? Here’s the information your […]

The 7 Nastiest Things Lurking In Your Supermarket

1. Flame-Retardant Sodas The toxic flame retardant chemical brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, was first used to keep plastics from catching on fire. However, the food industry has been using it in sodas, juices and sports drinks to keep those artificial flavoring chemicals mixed in with the rest of the liquids. You’ll find it in […]

Diet Fads Do Not Work

Well the health TV programs are coming at us thick and fast at the moment. In fact you could get fat just sitting in front of the TV watching TV programs about getting fat! The latest one on BBC2 last week looked at the effect of the diet industry on weight loss and obesity, as […]
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