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Linseed / Flax Seed

Linseed is available as Brown Linseed or Golden linseed. We also have cracked and organic available in a range of different sizes. Linseed is high in fibre and Omega 3 fatty oils especially when in ground form. Many people take a table spoon of linseed a day and see good health benefits as a result.

Biona Seeds Linseed Gold Organic 500g


Granovita - Linseed Sunshine Plus - 500g


GranoVita Ground Organic Linusit Flax Seed 450g


Linseed Brown 25kg


Linseed Brown 5kg


Linseed Brown Organic 1kg


Linseed Brown Organic 250g


Linseed Brown Organic 25kg


Linseed Brown Organic 500g


Linseed Brown Organic 5kg


Linseed Golden 25kg


Linseed Golden 5kg


Linseed Golden Organic 1kg


Linseed Golden Organic 250g


Linseed Golden Organic 25kg


Linseed Golden Organic 500g


Linseed Golden Organic 5kg


Linusprout - Flax Powder & Blueberry Organic - 250g


Linusprout - Flax Powder & Cranberry Organic - 250g


Linusprout - Flax Powder Organic - 250g


Prewetts - Ground Flax Seed Organic - 175g

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