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Teapigs Peppermint Leaves Tea 50 Temples

this is the only peppermint tea leave I will drink now. They are the best
by Jayne

Pukka Night Time Tea-Organic 20 Bags

Perfect - do what it says on the box!!!
by Elizabeth Herrod

Herbatint - 7D Blonde Golden - 135ML

I have used Herbatint since going grey 20 years ago.
by Irene Beever

Crazy Jack Turkish Apricots Organic 250g

Before I tried Crazy Jack apricots I thought I disliked dried apricots!
by Alison

Clipper Love Me Truly 20 Bags

Soft cinnamon taste, I like it
by Valérie D'Agosto

Laundry Liquid 1.5Ltr 42 Wash

This is absolutely my favourite.Even my mum, and she is quite picky, said it is really good quality..
by Valentina

Ecover Fabric Softener Under The Sun 750ml

Nice smell and super softness.
by Valentina

Ecover Fabric Softener Amongst The Flowers 750ml

Nice smell and it leaves all the clothes super soft!
by Joan Raine

Ecover Floor Soap 1ltr

This is absolutely my favourite.Even my mum, and she is quite picky, said it is really good quality....
by Stell

Ecover Limescale Remover 500ml

Supe product. It took all the limescale from my kitchen sink.
by Valérie D'Agosto

Ecover Toilet Cleaner Ocean Waves 750ml

Good product. It takes away all the limescale and it smells good too.
by Valentina

Pukka Relax Tea-Organic 20 Bags

arrived promptly as described thanks.
by Stell

Bob's Red Mill Pure Gluten Free Rolled Oats 400g

Very wholesome and healthy product which I cannot find in any of my local retail outlets anymore.
by Phil

Yogi Tea licorice Organic 17 Bags

Nice on first sip but with a really sweet licqourice kickback a bit too much for me to drink.
by Ali G

Vegetal Color - Henna Red Highlights - 60ml

Really pleased with this product that was recommended to me by Allergy UK.For a semi.
by Joan Raine

Biona Coconut Oil Virgin Organic 800g

The jar is a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be.
by marie

E-Cloth E-Mop Deep Clean Mop Head

Great product, great price, with service to match.
by J.Cowan

Lima Hatcho Miso 300g

Love this miso. Almost meaty stock, children don't notice it, and so good for you.
by Rebecca

Ecozone Ecoballs 150 Washes

Great product. These eco balls save so much money on liquids/ tablets and the cleaning is comparable...
by P.H.Ross

Teapigs Super Fruit Tea 15 Temples

This is a superb product spoiled only by a somewhat lengthy delivery time.
by Roger Bennett

Mrs Crimbles Bread Mix 280g

The best bread mix of them all and I have tried everything
by Sunny

Ma Baker Giant Raspberry Bar 90g

A delicious and wholesome snack or even a small meal (for busy people). Has a strong raspberry taste...
by rauri
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