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Preventing Slippery Floors In The Workplace

Slippery floors in the workplace can pose a serious safety hazard, leading to slip-and-fall accidents that can result in injuries and even lawsuits. We will explore the importance of preventing slippery floors, common causes of slippery surfaces, how to identify them, and preventive measures to ensure a safe working environment. From regular cleaning and maintenance […]

The Definitive Guide on The Pros and Cons of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are on everybody’s minds recently and with the government incentivizing that we all go ‘green’. Now, like me, the first thing you would have thought about is how do I reduce my own carbon footprint? Now you can cycle or walk to work, town etc. You can even go on a fully plant-based […]

Guide To Saving Fuel and being a more effecient driver

Whatever car you drive, whether its a 2 seater Aston Martin DB9 that does a ridiculous 16mpg, or a Toyota Prius Hybrid that can do 51mpg, there are still many things you can do to save fuel. Which in turn, will help to save the environment, as well as saving you some hard earned cash! […]

E-cloths, The Ultimate in Microfibre cleaning

So how is it that just a cloth and some water can get your surfaces as clean, if not cleaner, than if you were using a traditional cleaning agent to perform such wonders? Well here at EcoGreenStore we thouight that we’d answer that question for you and shed some light on exactly how e-cloths work. […]
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