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E-Cloth are the world leaders in cleaning chemical free. During the development of the E-Cloth brand, they have aquired a deep understanding of high quality microfibres. This enabled them to produce cloths that have the ability to clean grease of surfaces which most cloths cannot handle just with water.

E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth


E-Cloth Mop Set


E-Cloth Washing Up Pad


E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack


E-Cloth Kitchen Cloth


E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Twin Pack


E-Cloth Glasses Cloth


E-Cloth Bathroom Pack


E-Cloth Stainless Steel Cloth


E-Cloth General Purpose Cloth


E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set


E-Cloth Car Cleaning Kit


E-Cloth Stay Fresh Cloth


E-Cloth Stainless Steel Pack


E-Cloth On Board Cleaning Kit


E-Cloth Screen Cleaning Pack


E-Cloth Antibacterial Cloth


E-Cloth Car Cleaning Cloth


E-Cloth Phone & MP3 Pouch


E-Cloth Dual Action Mitt


E-Cloth Water Scents Lavender


E-Cloth Dusting Wand Sleeve

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