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E-cloths, The Ultimate in Microfibre cleaning

So how is it that just a cloth and some water can get your surfaces as clean, if not cleaner, than if you were using a traditional cleaning agent to perform such wonders? Well here at EcoGreenStore we thouight that we’d answer that question for you and shed some light on exactly how e-cloths work.

E-cloths are made out of a material known as microfibre. A microfibre is a microscopic strand 100 times smaller than a human hair. These microfibres, which are wedge shaped in appearance, are woven together to make a cloth material. Each square centimetre of this cloth is made up of nearly 500,000 strands! It is this which gives each e-cloth its fabulous cleaning and absorbancy qualities.

So when you spray a little water over the surface which you wish to clean and then wipe over with your e-cloth each of these thousands of micorfibres work together to absorb the water along with all the grease, grime and dirt too. It really is top quality cleaning with just water.

E-cloths – How to care for your e-cloth

Like all household items that we invest in, they all need a bit of TLC to keep them working ‘as new’ and at their very best. So how should you care for your e-cloth to ensure that you achive its excellent reslults time after time for its whole expected life span?

Caring for your ecloth is simple. After using your e-cloth to clean your home it will need washing, so take your dirty e-cloth and place it, and your other dirty e-cloths, in your net laundry washing bag. Place this in your washing machine drum with a small amount of detergent in the machine (do not use fabric conditioner), set the machine to the recommended temperature (optimum temperatures do vary between cloths) and let the cycle complete.

Once the washing cycle has finished, take your e-cloths out of the machine and laundy bag and dry by either haning on the line or tumple dry.

Now your e-cloths are ready once more to perform those cleaning duties for which they were meant for.

E-cloths around the home   

So how do you know which e-cloth to use on which surfaces and rooms within your house? Over the years, we at EcoGreenStore have seen the range of e-cloths expand from a small and simple, basic range of cloths to a much wider variety of cloths made specifically for different cleaning jobs around your home and garden. But which one should you use, when and where? EcoGreenStore have tried to make this a simple and straight forward guide.

The Kitchen cloth

There is a vast selection of individual e-cloths and bundled assortments for you to choose from to keep your kitchen clean. The General Purpose E-cloth, the standard all rounder, will work well on all of your kitchen surfaces. If you have have any shiney surfaces, such as stainless steel, then the Glass & Polishing cloth can really help achieve fantastic, smear free results on these surfaces. And what’s more, with these 2 cloths being the most popular for our general kitchen cleaning our friends at e-cloth have created an E-cloth Kitchen Pack for us which contains both the General Purpose and Glass & Polishing Cloths.

Still in the kitchen, there are then a wider range of E-cloths for more specific duties. The Anti-bacterial Cloth has extended bacteria fighting qualities for those really clean requirements of surfaces used in the kitchen for food preparation. The Sponge Cloth which has all the qualities of the general purpose but is padded for super absorbancy for those particularly wet and messy areas and surfaces.

Also, similar to the General Purpose Cloth and Sponge Cloth is the general purpose Mitt for those people who prefer a mitt to just a cloth.

When it comes too washing up, E-cloth have got these bases covered also. Simply fill up your washing up bowl with hot water as you would usually but you can forget the fairy! Simply soak your dirty dishes and wipe with your e-cloth washing up pad before placing on the draining board to drip dry. Then once completed, reach for your nearest e-cloth tea towel to dry off the dishes. Once finished you can wipe down your sink with a general purpose cloth and make your stanless steel drainer and sink nice and clean with your stainless steel polishing cloth or alternativly, your Glass and Polishing Cloth.

To clean your dirty oven and cooker hob you can find the hob and oven pack and to clean your Floors you’ll find the e-mop and all of its accessories and heads very useful indeed.

Finally, once your hard work is done and you have placed your dirty cloths in the wash, you can wash your hands and dry them on your e-cloth hand towel. Don’t forget that you can also get the water spray bottle to aid you in your e-cloth cleaning.

The Bathroom / Shower Room

Another room which looks incredible when spotless and clean is the bathroom, with those gleeming tiles, spotless mirror and shiney white porcelain or ceramic basin, bath and toilet. So what e-cloths do you need to achieve these impressive results?

So you’ll definately need a sponge cloth in the bathroom. With all the qualities of the general purpose cloth, but with added padding for extra absorbancy, the sponge cloth is your best friend when it comes to generally cleaning the bathroom. And the Glass & Polishing cloth is a further bathroom essential for making those taps and tiles super shiney and like new again. You can buy these products individually or e-cloths have kindly packaged these up into what they have called the Bathroom Pack.

If you have a shower with a cubicle or screen then you may like to consider the shower pack also. This will help you keep your shower nice and fresh with a general purpose cloth to clean with and a glass & Polishing cloth to bring the shine. You won’t believe the results which can be achived to your screen or cubicle with this fantastic cloth. The shower pack also comes with a handy suction hook so you can hang these cloths in, or close to, the shower.

Other handy cloths within the e-cloth tange which are suitable for the bath room are the antibacterial cloth. This will really get to work on killing those germs around the toilet. The General purpose cloths and general purpose mitts are also incredibly versatile and can be used in the bathroom too.

If your bathroom floor is not a carpet then you can use your e-mop and its many versatile heads to clean the floor.

Living room

There is one job that an e-cloth can’t do and that is vacuuming. Unfortunately, you will have to stick to conventional methods for carpets still. E-cloths have however, come up with some great options for dusting and cleaning furniture.

Grab a 2 duster pack to perform that wonderful never ending job of dusting round your living room. To get your furniture nice and clean then grab the furniture pack which includes a furniture cloth (not available speratley) and a Glass & Polishing Cloth. This furniture cloth is suitable for all fabrics, leathers, wood and other hard surfaces and is incredibly effective when damp. To polish following the clean, use the faithful Glass & Polishing Cloth which should also be used on the glass and mirrors in your living room.

To clean the lens on your DVD or CD Player then get the optical cloth or lens cleaning pack. This is a great cloth for ensuring that all dirt is removed from those incredibly sensitive lenses on what is usually quite expensive equipment which deserves a good clean and some TLC every now and again. The lens cleaning pack comes equiped with a special lens cleaning spray by cleansafe. This is a proffessional anti-static cleaner and is available as part of the pack or seperatley.

To clean your CD’s and DVD’s them selves then youy will need nothing more than the CD & DVD cleaning pack. This pack comes with both the CD/DVD cloth as well as an anti-static cleaning spray which helps repel dust. Cleaning your screen on your TV or computer is also made simple with the screen cleaning pack which is also equipt with both cloth and spray. With these great packs there is now no reason why dirt and dust should interfere with your entertainment and viewing pleaures. As mentioned above, the spray is also sold seperatley as well as within the packs.


The results achieved on windows by the e-cloths is actually unbelieveable. They really do make a remarkable difference to your windows which will have never looked cleaner. Even some high-grade professionals, like the fantastic window cleaners, recommend it for household use.

The Glass & Polishing cloth is un-rivalled in its ability to put a real shine to both windows and mirrors. This, along side the window cloth (not available seperatley) which forms the other part of the window pack is all you will need to clean bnoth the glass and the frames of all your windows through out your house.

It is advisable to be equiped with a water spray bottle when cleaning your windows as frsh clean water is an essential for the best results.


Firstly, unless you want to get on your hands and knees, you will need the e-mop set which includes the handle and frame for which you attach your selected mop head. The mop pack also comes with a dry and damp mop head, ideal as a start to your detergent free floor cleaning experience. The Dry Mop Head (also available seperately) is used for the initial clean to remove loose dirt and dust from the floor, as if you would have opriginally swept with a broom. Then you switch the mop head to the damp mop head (also available seperatley) which will clean the floor much more thoroughly.

In addition to the dry and damp mop heads, which are available individually, in a twin pack and come with the inital purchase of the mop, is also the deep clean mop head which with a scrubbing head gets really stuck into more difficult engrained dirt and stains.

The e-mop, is also available with a starter pack which will help you around the home.


“Perfect cleaning with just water” is their tag line and basically it is just that and more. With recommendations from far and wide, The Science Museum, The Daily Telegraph, Good Housekeeping and BBC Good Food Guide to name but a few, the e-cloth range is by far and away the best eco-friendly cleaning cloth range yet to be manufactured, tried and tested. And to prove such a point, E-Cloths are recommended by these folowing manufactureers: AEG, AGA, Aqualisa, Bosch, De Dietrich, Deva, Franke, Gaggia, Hotpoint, Ideal Standard, Kitchen Aid, Miele, Neff, Smeg as well as picking up numerous presigious awards which have been won by this great eco brand.

The E-cloth range is constantly expanding and evolving to keep up with all our modern day cleaning requirements which is why they have grown into providing us a range of around 50 cloths, mops, packs and accessories to help us clean our homes in the most eco-friendly, chemical free way. So check out what they have to offer whether you wish to clean your kitchen, Car, Office, Bathroom or more, E-cloth have just the thing for you. And at Eco Green Store, we are proud to stock the entire range of products which E-cloth have to offer.

And because we at Eco Green Store know that you’ll want to look after your e cloths properly once you’ve purchased and used them, we’re offering you a free and recommended e-cloth net laundry wash bag to help care for your new cloths. This comes with every order of e-cloths over £30 (simply add the net laundry bag to your cart and enter the code FREENET when prompted).

So enjoy shopping for e-cloth’s today and in the future with Eco Green Store.

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