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Guide To Saving Fuel and being a more effecient driver

Whatever car you drive, whether its a 2 seater Aston Martin DB9 that does a ridiculous 16mpg, or a Toyota Prius Hybrid that can do 51mpg, there are still many things you can do to save fuel. Which in turn, will help to save the environment, as well as saving you some hard earned cash!

Here is Eco Green Store’s top ten ways to save fuel, we hope you enjoy it:

1 – Don’t Drive

Ok its not really the ideal solution for everyone, but there are many situations where people drive when there really is no need. Just popping into town to pick up a magazine and a bottle of milk, why not bike or walk instead of getting in the car. It may not save much in the short term, but over time, it really can make the difference. You can even avoid driving on longer journey’s by using public transport. Just remember whenever you get in your car, ask yourself “is this journey really necessary?”.

2 – Buy A More Fuel Efficient Car

Maybe not the best idea for everyone, as you cant just go out and buy a car to save fuel, as this may result in you not saving money, and not helping the environment. But when in a situation of needing to buy a new car, look into fuel efficient cars, such as the Toyota Prius, or even a completely electric car such as the G Wizz.

3 – Check Your Tire Pressure

Check Your Tire Pressure

Driving with inflated tires can dramatically increase your fuel consumption, as they have more rolling resistance. This means you need to use more fuel to keep your car moving. Check your tire pressure every month with a reliable gauge, and if check against the owners manual.

4 – Empty The Boot

The heavier your car is, the more fuel is needed to move it! Remove things from your boot that you don’t need. Cleaning out your car every month also helps, as you’d be surprised at much stuff is in your car you don’t need! Just don’t take out the spare tire, as you never know when you might need it!

5 – Clean The Air Filter

Dirty air filters restrict the flow of air into the engine, which reduced performance and economy. Hold the filter up to the sun, and if you cant see light through it, you need a new filter, or to clean your filter. If you have a paper filter, consider getting a permanent filter which can be cleaned rather than changed, as these save money, and are better for the environment.

6 – Slow Down

Reducing your speed can defiantly increase your mpg. Try slowing down just 5mph every long journey. You may get there a little later, but you’ll get there a little richer.

7 – Use The Right Size Tires

So big wheels of fancy rims may look great, but they don’t do much for your mileage. The wider your tires are the more rolling resistance there is, so when you need new tires, buy stock tires.

8 – Don’t Harshly Accelerate

Harsh acceleration uses a lot of fuel, fuel that a lot of the time is wasted when you accelerate hard, and then have to break hard for speed camera’s, traffic lights or other motorists going slower than you. Change up gears early to keep revs down, and judge what’s going on ahead so you don’t accelerate hard, and then have to slow down straight away.

9 – Hold Steady In Traffic Jams

In traffic jams most people seem to constantly speed up and slow down, while the truck drivers tend to roll along at the same leisurely pace. A constant slower speed keeps gear shifting to a minimum, and aids economy. It takes a lot less fuel to keep a vehicle moving that it does to get it moving. If traffic stops moving altogether, turn off your engine! Your not going anywhere so why should you loose fuel over it!

10 – Turn Off The Air Conditioning

Consider turning off the air conditioning and opening the windows. This is only really a good idea at slower speeds, as the wind resistance at higher speeds may result in more fuel loss than air conditioning would.

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