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Diet Fads Do Not Work

Well the health TV programs are coming at us thick and fast at the moment. In fact you could get fat just sitting in front of the TV watching TV programs about getting fat!

The latest one on BBC2 last week looked at the effect of the diet industry on weight loss and obesity, as ”Diet Fads Do Not Work”

It looked at the Atkins diet; it looked at processed shake methods, Dukan and even went on the attack with Weightwatchers. It said that this was a multi billion pound industry actually built on people failing, as diets do not work.

One scientist said if I was to invent a diet tomorrow that said everyone needed to eat everything in his or her right hand (but they could eat anything) and to be more successful they must also stand on one leg it would work as a diet. In fact the weirder it was and the more publicity it got the more successful it would be. But, after 5-6 months nearly everyone would have failed on it and then gone on to put the weight back on.

The research shows that even the mighty weight watchers, after 5 years only 6% have maintained their target weight. They interviewed the original financial director of weight watchers in the USA and he said what a brilliant business model, as you know nearly everyone will fail and have to come back for more.

They then interviewed the current director of Weight Watchers and she said this was not the case, they wanted people to succeed, but also accepted the majority would not.

When they interviewed the owner and inventor of Slim Fast, he said, its not our fault that people do not stick to the program, and you have to accept that is true, but then must question deeper the reasons for that.

Firstly if the mindset is not correct how can you possibly be successful, but secondly most of these diets or programs are focusing on the wrong thing. I know it says its about losing weight and everyone focuses on the number on the scale but what we see time and time again is that people love to feel healthy.

The summary of the program was that the focus should be on health. If you feed the body the correct nutrition (which many of the diet programs lack greatly) and you do some exercise you will feel healthier. When you start to feel healthier this affects everything you do and especially affects your thought processes. When your thought processes are changed you want to eat healthier and this all results in one thing, the weight starts to go.

I say this so often, in an industry that try’s to blind with science and make things complicated things are really simple.

Gluten-Free Diet: Lose Weight, Lose Wheat

You are what you wheat! Eliminate your wheat belly by going on a gluten free diet!

In Wheat Belly, cardiologist Dr. William Davis explains it’s not excess fat intake or too little exercise that is making us fat. He says the culprit is today’s genetically engineered wheat — and the agribusiness that pushes it on us in every aisle of the grocery store — and your only defense is a gluten-free diet.

In fact, Davis reached the disturbing conclusion that wheat is the single largest contributor to the nationwide obesity epidemic.

 Gluten-Free Diet and Celiac Disease

Drawing on decades of clinical studies and extensive gluten-free diet research, Davis observed that wheat can cause a broad spectrum of health problems including cancer, diabetes, heart issues, dementia, digestive complications, aging, acne, and even wrinkles.

A gluten-free diet is also essential for those suffering from celiac disease, a potentially deadly condition. Celiac disease is an affliction that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing certain healthy parts of food. The damage is due to a reaction caused by foods containing gluten, such as wheat, rye, barley, and possibly oats.

Although celiac disease is incurable, its negative impacts can be prevented by maintaining a life-long gluten-free diet. Studies show that millions of Americans suffer from celiac disease — and they don’t even know it. Early celiac disease diagnosis and the implementation of a gluten-free diet are imperative to avoid irreparable damage.

  • Weight loss of 20, 30, even 50 pounds in the first few months
  • Alleviation of metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes
  • Recovery from intestinal woes, such as ulcerative colitis and celiac disease
  • Marked improvement in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol counts
  • Improvement in bone density and reversal of osteopenia
  • Relief of skin conditions from rashes and psoriasis to oral ulcers
  • Suspension of hair loss
  • Reduction of inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis pain
  • Enhanced brain activity
  • More energy and less fatigue

Davis came to his conclusions about gluten’s dangers, and the revelation that a gluten-free diet was the answer, after working with heart patients for years. He has helped thousands eliminate wheat, regain their health, implement a gluten-free diet, and shed those extra pounds.

He can help you too, with practical advice, gluten-free diet tips, and wheat-free recipes for breakfast through dessert.

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