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Do You Feel Ashamed Of Your Body

Do You Feel Ashamed Of Your Body, well you shouldn’t, there is another way, spend enough time on this blog site and we will help you lose weight with some of the fantastic juice and green smoothie recipes with the help of wheatgrass powder and kelp powder from your number one website for all things to consume green, excuse the pun.

Psychologists ask men and women to pick the body shape which they think most closely resembles their own, and then to choose the body shape they would like to have. The further apart the body shapes the greater the ”shame”. In other words, if you think you have  Body 6 but would prefer to have Body 2, your shame factor is 4.

Modern women are constantly bombarded with images of The Perfect Body, on show in magazines, advertisements, and television soaps. Historically, the perfect body has always been the most difficult to obtain. In the 1700′s a narrow waist was considered desirable by women. Some even had ribs removed – a painful operation in the 18th Century – to obtain there ideal waist.

But the fashion for thinness reached it’s extreme in 1966 when Twiggy became the first widely – publicised example of the super slim model. Today’s women think they can shape their bodies at will, and that mental strength is the key to dieting, which it’s not. The truth is very different, however your body is shaped more by genetics than Callanetics. Your metabolic rate, the speed at which your body transforms food into energy is inherited. People who have inherited a low metabolic rate will gain weight , no matter how hard they try to slim.

The potential devastation caused by fears about appearance was highlighted once by the Princess of Wales when she suffered from the eating disorder bulimia nervosa. The disease can particularly hit women who are under stress and the newly married Princess Diana at that time would have felt a lot of pressure over her appearance. She tried to cure her anxiety by bingeing on food and then , guilty about the weight she put on, made herself sick, Diana was not alone, Faye Dunaway revealed once how fears about her weight ironically worsened her compulsive over – eating, ”When I became an actress, directors wanted me to be very thin”

Despite a backlash against modern super slim  images, many women still feel it is their duty to conform to the ideal figure and blame themselves if they fail. A famous American cartoon shows a women being hauled off to hell by the devil. ”It’s because I have fat thighs isn’t it she screams, what a load of rubbish, but there you go.

If you really want to lose weight then it’s not a problem, try juicing or a green smoothie recipe from the one’s listed on this website. Everyone should be on an Alkaline diet, exercise also helps ones body to stay in trim, you will lose weight, eat plenty of salad, also drink plenty of water during the day. Add wheatgrass powder from

We will be adding an attachment here to show people which foods are acidic, obviously the way to move forward for your optimum health and well being is to adopt an Alkaline diet or we would call it a different way of consuming all the nutrients and different foods your body could ever need and still lose weight without really trying, don’t believe me then try reading ”Eat To Live” by Joel Fuhrman available on for about £5.94

”There Is Another Way” Your body consumes a typical ”Western Diet” , don’t take my word for it, just look at what you throw down your gullet and ask yourself is this what I should really be eating, my uncle died recently, he died of a typical western diet, he used sugar alternatives and basic rubbish foods, pre-packaged full of sugar and toxic chemicals.

Just look at the obesity in the USA then look at the rest of Europe and ask yourself do I want to just become another dead statistic OR lead a powerful and energetic life consuming an Alkaline diet, NOT an Acidic one. Since I personally started with an alkaline diet be it Juicing or Green Smoothies with wheatgrass powder or wheatgrass juice I have never looked back , I have immense energy, I sleep less sometimes just 4 – 5 hours a night, I don’t get sick, get colds or flu or anything like that.

The power of Chlorophyll from wheatgrass powder or wheatgrass juice is so great, you might not initially believe me, Wheatgrass is one of the richest sources of chlorophyll on the planet, Scientists believe that Chlorophyll greatly assists with general detoxification and blood cleansing functions of the body. It is shown to promote normal cell growth and can assist with cell renewal, growth and repair. Chlorophyll also most notably boasts energy enhancing properties – a highly effective way to energise the body in the short and long term,  I will leave you with this thought below, enjoy the recipes,

”If you don’t look after your body, where will you live” Unknown Author

A Chef’s Juice: Mighty Green Grape

When it comes to juicing, you really are your own best chef. If you’re looking to start experimenting beyond your typical everyday recipe, this is an excellent juice because you’re adding in new and unique ingredients, like asparagus and zucchini, yet still achieving an excellent taste!

A Chef’s Juice: Pineapple Gazpacho

On a Reboot? Shock your taste buds with a new abundance of flavors with this Pineapple Gazpacho Juice. It’s 80% vegetables and 20% fruit so it’s 100% Reboot friendly. And of course it’s a perfect juice for any day, even when you’re not on a Reboot and you’re just looking for an extra kick of tasty nutrients.

Why Should I Juice? Hear it from a Chef!

Since I am in the kitchen 24/7, making decadent meals that may not be so healthy, I am often asked, why does a chef like you juice if you can eat the most delicious food in the world? Here’s my answer from my personal experience…

A Chef’s Juice: Rainbow Summer Juice

This is a great intro juice. The reason we like this is because it has the 80/20 vegetable/fruit ratio. It only contains six ingredients so it’s easy to make and most of these ingredients are easy to find all the time. We call it “rainbow juice” as it has multiple vegetables and fruits of different colors.

A Chef’s Juice: Grape & Golden Beet Juice

This is another super unique and satisfying juice that is great for you if you are just starting out on your juicing journey! And if you’re on a Reboot, this is 80% vegetable and 20% fruit so drink up! The golden beet and grapes add a hint of sweetness so you’ll love the taste.

New to Juicing? Try These Juices to Get You Started!

This is a great intro juice if you are new to juicing.  It has the 80% vegetable and 20% fruit ratio and only contains six ingredients so it’s easy to make and most of these ingredients are easy to find all the time.

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