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What Are Solar Panels

Have you ever wondered about the mysterious technology behind solar panels? In a world where energy consumption is a growing concern, understanding how solar panels work and their benefits is crucial. So, let's unravel the complexities and shed light on the importance of solar panels for a sustainable future. What Are Solar Panels? Solar panels […]

How Solar Panels Are Installed

Are you considering going solar but unsure of how the installation process works? Look no further! In this informative article, we will take you through the step-by-step process of installing solar panels, providing valuable insight and addressing any concerns you may have. Going solar has never been easier, so let's dive in! What Are The […]

Which Companies Are Green Energy Suppliers? We Investigate.

Which green energy suppliers are available in the UK, and which of their tariffs are green? This is a key question for those looking at green energy as an option. To answer this we need to look at each green energy supplier and how green its green tariffs actually are. Some companies include green tariffs […]

The Definitive Guide on The Pros and Cons of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are on everybody’s minds recently and with the government incentivizing that we all go ‘green’. Now, like me, the first thing you would have thought about is how do I reduce my own carbon footprint? Now you can cycle or walk to work, town etc. You can even go on a fully plant-based […]

Organic Kingfisher Toothpaste

Have you ever known of a toothpaste, that will not only suit all of your tooths needs, but is also 100% completely natural? Kingfisher toothpaste is a 100% organic toothpaste brand which sells only the best toothpaste for you. Their products flavour’s consist of fresh fennel, mint, aloe vera and Baking soda. However they have these […]

Caring for your ecloths

Ecloths – How to care for your eclothLike all household items that we invest in, they all need a bit of TLC to keep them working ‘as new’ and at their very best. So how should you care for your e-cloth to ensure that you achive its excellent reslults time after time for its whole expected life […]

Caring for camellias and where you can buy camellias

Camellias are dense shrubs with brilliant foliage. They offer bright, long-blooming flowers, and serve as popular foundation and specimen plants. The trick to growing a camellia plant without too much effort is to plant it correctly. Read on for more information on camellia planting and care. How to Care for a Camellia Plant Camellias have […]

buying cactus plants and caring for them

Cactus plants. We all know what they look like, don't we? Spiky, prickly things that live in a desert. Plants that like hot temperatures. These facts are both wrong and right! SOME Cacti have spines. They are able to survive hot temperatures and dry, arid conditions. But actually the desert gets really cold at night […]
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