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Caring for your ecloths

Ecloths – How to care for your ecloth
Like all household items that we invest in, they all need a bit of TLC to keep them working ‘as new’ and at their very best. So how should you care for your e-cloth to ensure that you achive its excellent reslults time after time for its whole expected life span?

Caring for your e-cloth

Caring for your e-cloth is simple. After using your e-cloth to clean your home it will need washing, so take your dirty e-cloth and place it, and your other dirty e-cloths, in your net laundry washing bag. Place this in your washing machine drum with a small amount of detergent in the machine (do not use fabric conditioner), set the machine to the recommended temperature (optimum temperatures do vary between cloths) and let the cycle complete.

Once the washing cycle has finished, take your e-cloths out of the machine and laundy bag and dry by either haning on the line or tumple dry.

E-Cloth removes dirt, dust, and grime by unlocking the power of earth's most natural.

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