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Which green energy suppliers are available in the UK, and which of their tariffs are green? This is a key question for those looking at green energy as an option.

To answer this we need to look at each green energy supplier and how green its green tariffs actually are. Some companies include green tariffs with other tariffs on their site, but they may not be 100% accurate on how much energy is actually green.

This is what we will look at today. We'll investigate green energy suppliers and their green tariffs, along with other green offers such as green credit and green loans to make it easier for you to compare green tariffs and green energy deals.

It would be impossible to cover every green supplier in the UK, so we have chosen some of the larger energy providers that have green tariffs available if you wish to look into smaller providers visit the green electricity comparison website.

There are many green energy suppliers in the UK, with some notable companies including Shell Energy, Ecotricity and Green Energy UK. There are green tariffs available on most of the 'big six' energy providers for customers who wish to choose a more green supply of energy for their homes.

Green Energy Suppliers - Green Energy UK

Green Energy - Electricity
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Green Energy UK is a green electricity supplier that offers green tariffs for green energy. Green Energy UK are committed to providing you 100% renewable energy using various means of energy production including:

With Green Energy UK you can be assured that your green tariff is 100% renewable as it comes directly from the source. If you want to learn more about Green Energy UK and to get a quote, you can visit their website at

UK Green Energy Suppliers - Octopus Energy

Green Energy - Solar Power
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Starting in 2016 Octopus energy has been providing green energy to the nation. Octopus Energy's green tariffs are 100% renewable and come from a wide range of green sources including Solar, Wind and Biomass in the UK.

Octopus Energy is one of the largest green energy providers in the UK and pride itself on providing clean and green energy. As standard, all of their tariffs include 100% green electricity at no extra cost.

As energy providers go, Octopus Energy is always striving to find and develop ways to minimize the environmental impact of not just the company but customers also. This is why they are the UK's largest investor in solar power.

To find out more about Octopus Energy visit their website here.

UK Green Energy Suppliers - Shell Energy

Green Energy - Wind Power
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Formerly First Utility, Shell Energy provide a wide range of carbon saving options and include 100% renewable electricity as standard. Like Octopus Energy, Shell is also investing in schemes and projects to become carbon-neutral by 2050.

Shell Energy also offer a GO Further Tariff, which means that Shell Energy will offset your home's energy by investing in ecological preservation programmes around the world. Meaning that your home energy use is carbon neutral from extraction to use.

To find out more about Shell Energy visit their website here.

UK green energy suppliers - Ecotricity

Green Energy Suppliers
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If you are looking for an energy provider that not only is carbon neutral but also produces 100% green renewable energy. Ecotricity is also vegan, yes vegan! They pride themselves on how their energy production has no impact on animal habitats, and they also offer green gas made entirely of recycled green waste instead of fossil fuels. Ecotricity is the only green supplier that provides green gas to its customers.

If you are looking for an energy supplier that is not only vegan but the greenest you can't go wrong with Ecotricity. They are the worlds first 100% green energy company.

To find out more about Ecotricity visit their website here.

UK green energy suppliers - Good Energy

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Established in 1999, Good Energy has been reducing the nations carbon footprint with its endeavour to green energy ever since. Good energy also boasts that their gas supply is 10% renewable biogas produced in the UK and they offset the other 90% with environmental green energy projects in Turkey, China and India.

Like many energy suppliers, Good Energy also features 100% renewable electricity, making your television, internet, etc. green!

To find out more about Good Energy visit their website here.

In conclusion

In the UK we have many energy suppliers that can supply your home with green energy. Some green energy suppliers are greener than others, but all of their green energy comes from renewable sources.

Thank you for reaching the end of this article and we hope that we have helped you expand your knowledge on the UK's many green energy providers. While you are here take a look at some of our other articles on greener ways to live including The Definitive Guide on The Pros and Cons of Heat Pumps and The Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder.

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