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Ecozone are one of the worlds leading manufactures of ecological products, giving you easy to use alternatives, to some products that have been proven to be harmful to the environment. And here, in no particular order, are the ten best products from Ecozone!

Moonlight Night Light

The first Ecozone product I’m going to talk about is the Moonlight Night Light. Now we all know that a lot of young children (and some adults as well), are scared of the dark, and who wouldn’t be with all those vampires about these days! But most night lights on the market really are nothing compared with the Moonlight Nightlight. You will find a lot of the other night lights available on the market have several flaws in their design, things such as becoming hot to the touch, which could cause serious burns to a youngster, as well as producing a quite bright light, that could effect your sleep. You can also find that these other night lights are expensive to run, using up quite a lot of electricity for such a small light.

 But the Ecozone Moonlight Night Light solves all of these problems. With its unique design, it produces a soft green glow, using the same technology NASA uses to light up its space shuttle cockpit controls. This technology is also very cheap to run, and costs on 1/2p for 24 hours continuous use, much less than an ordinary night light. Finally this night light does not get hot, at all, ever. This is again because of the technology used to light it, after all, NASA’s space shuttles wouldn’t really be safe to fly if the cockpit controls were hot to the touch!

Eco balls          

The next product I’m going to tell you about are the much talked and written about Ecoballs®. Now if you’re an avid Eco shopper, I’m pretty sure you’ll have heard of the Ecoballs before, as a great alternative to laundry detergent, that is a lot better for the environment, but if you haven’t heard of the Ecoballs® before, I’m sure you’re defiantly wanting to know more!

Eco balls ® work, by using a special blend of minerals to ionize the oxygen in the water, which then lifts out the dirt and grime for your dirty laundry, its simply amazing. There have been a lot of debates about weather or not Ecoballs® actually work, but I can assure you from personal experience that they defiantly do. Without any chemicals your laundry will be left with no fragrance, but that really is the only downside to this product. One pack of Ecoballs® should last you around 1000 washes, which could last a very long time, and works out at around 3p per wash! Ecozone also offer a Refill pack for your Ecoballs®, so when they do run out, you can just fill them up without having to buy another Eco balls® pack, this is another saving for the environment, and this will give you another 750 washes!


The third Ecozone product you need in your life is a handy little gadget. The Ecostapler. This innovative little product will clip several sheets of paper together by cutting and folding the paper in one swift action, all without the need for metal staples. This product is great for the home and office, and really is ideal for attaching a cheque to a payment slips where staples cannot be used! So save the world metal use today, by buying an Ecostapler, as if every office in the UK saved on staple a day for a whole year, it would mean 72 tons less metal would be used a year!


With the next product from Ecozone, you could easily save a lot of electricity all around your house, yes, this product is the great energy saving Biobulb! With three different types of bulb available, each using a quarter of the energy used by regular bulbs, these really can be used in any house! The bulbs available are 100W Screw and Bayonet fitting bulbs, as well as a 60W Bayonet fitting bulb. These bulbs are said to last 10,000 hours, and produce a massive 1750 lumens, giving off a light that closely replicates sunlight!

Dryer Balls

Next up is a product closely related to the Ecoballs®, as it is also a great way of saving energy in the laundry process! This product is the proven to work Dryer Balls, which reduce the time your tumble dryer needs to be active by 25%!

These products work by retaining the heat your tumble dryer produces, and then transferring it to the cloths to dry them, by lifting them apart, as well as replacing the need to fabric softeners by using different shaped and sized softening nodes.

New Products from Ecozone

 The sixth product on offer is the Kettle and Iron Descaler, a great cleaning product, to remove build ups of limescale on/in your kettle and iron, all done without the use of toxic chemicals used in most limescale removers. By removing the limescale from the home appliances, you will increase the energy efficiency of them, as well as the length of life of the product. This means you will save money on both electricity and appliance replacement.

The next product up is designed for both washing machines and dishwashers! Its the great Magno Ball, a product that is used in your washing machine or dishwasher at all times, and reduces limescale build up in the water. This is done by using magnetic power to crystallize the limescale particles in the water. With this product you will no longer need anti limescale tablets, as well as using 70% less detergent in the wash, and means you can reduce the washing temperature, and still get great results! This product can also be used at the same time as the famous Ecoballs®! Amazing!

Whats next? Well how about the great Toilet Smell Killer! This handy product eliminates all smell from your toilet, with absolutely no chemicals! It does this using a know reaction between high grade steel and the water when you flush your toilet! This cleans the air of the unpleasant smells, without the need for high grade chemicals in most using toilet cleaning devices and air fresheners, and whats even more amazing, is you’ll never need to change it, as its guaranteed for life! Just buy one and fit it to your toilet, and you’ll never have to worry again!

 Up ninth is a product that stops the build up of limescale in your toilet, guaranteed for five years! This product is the amazing Magno Loo, working in the same was as the Magno Balls, just in your toilet! Just use one Magno Loo per cistern, or two in hard water areas!

The final product to tell you about is the multi purpose Eco:Stain Remover. A 125ml tube, of environmentally friendly and not tested on animals, great working stain remover cream. Great for use on all grease and protein stains, simply squeeze on, rub in, leave for 10 minutes, then put into your washing machine and was as usual (preferably with Ecoballs!), its great!

So there you have it, the ten best Ecozone products (well in my opinion), but don’t forget that Ecozone do offer a few other products too, such as Ecoplate, the Foot Operated Can Crusher, the Pure Oxygen Whitener, and the Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner. And although they aren’t in my top ten Ecozone products, it doesn’t mean they aren’t great, because they are!

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