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These days everyone is looking to go green, in as many ways as possible. With the impending doom of the world, based around global warming, governments around the world are encouraging recycling and a reduce in waste. But what can you do, to do your bit in the worldwide fight against global warning. I’m here to talk to you about Ecover products, the leading brand in green cleaning.

Based in Belgium since 1980, Ecover products are all based on their research into plant based, and renewable raw materials for cleaning products. They have grown at an alarming rate over the past 30 years, and have become the leading brand in ecological cleaning products, the model that all other brands aspire to follow.

They have a large range of products, focusing mainly on home cleaning, although they do offer a variety of more specialist products. The Ecover Laundry Bleach is probably the companies most popular product, designed to help keep your whites bright in the most eco-friend way. Using all natural ingredients, and keeping away from using any chlorine or other harmful chemicals, this product is perfect for removing all kinds of stains from your laundry.

Ecover Laundry

Ecover Laundry Liquid is another one of Ecovers stand out products, again made without hazardous chemicals of any kind. The product is tough on stains, with a gentle fragrance, and will leave your clothes as clean as any normal laundry liquid. The great thing about the Ecover Laundry Liquid, is the variety of sizes it comes in. The standard bottle is 1.5ltr, but after that you can get 5ltr and 15ltr refill containers, which come in cardboard containers, rather than the plastic bottles of the 1.5ltr.

Another great product offered by Ecover is the Floor Soap. A plant based product with mineral ingredients (linseed oil), it is suitable for all non treated floors, such as unglazed tiles, marble and concrete. It is the perfect way to care and protect your flooring the ecological way.

Amongst the other products on offer from Ecover, are a large range of Washing Up Liquids, in four difference fragrances, Fabric Softeners, Washing Powders, Multi-Surface Cleaners and a large range of Spray cleaners for a variety of uses. Ecover boast around 30 products in total.

And all of these Ecover products are made in their state of the art eco factories, something very few companies out there can boast of. People said they couldn’t be green and truly clean, but those people have been well a truly proven wrong. Ecover offer the largest range of Eco Friendly Cleaning Products on the market today, and with their ever expanding range, you can expect that to stay the same for a long while yet.

If you want green cleaning, buy from those who started the revolution.

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