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Eco fathers day gifts

At Eco Green Store we have some great gifts for fathers day at a prices to suit everyone – it may give you that little bit of inspiration that you need – after all, Dad’s are never easy to buy for. So whether your Dad’s out to save the world, save some money, or just not quite Eco yet, there’s something in store for him at Eco Green Store. Here are some of our recommendations:

Car Cleaning Pack by E-Cloth

If your dad likes his car then he’ll love the E-Cloth Car Cleaning Pack, or if this over your budget, the Chamois and Sponge Cloths are also a great weapon to get that dirt from those hub caps and give the paintwork a shine.

Recycled sol glasses 2 in a pack

If your dad prefers to relax after a hard days work with a beer or glass of wine instead of cleaning the family car, then these glasses are just the ticket. Tumblers and Goblets available in a variety of brands to suite your dads taste.


Perhaps, your dad spend endless hour on weekends doing some DIY? If so, why not treat him to a new radio or wind up torch for his garden shed or garage. He need never buy batteries again with these super gadgets, and perhaps he could invent something to wind them up for him while he’s messing around down in the garden shed.

Eco Button or E2 Electricity Monitor by Efergy

Is your dad’s always asking ‘who left the lights on’ or ‘who was last to use the PC’?. Well look no further than the Eco button or energy meter

These gadgets will set your dad’s eye’s alight as he can keep that electricity usage down and monitor it all day long til his hearts content!


Solio is an on the go phone charger powered by solar energy. Is your dad always complaining his phone has ran out of battery on days out? Then get him the Solio solar charger! Available a variety of colors.

Sun Jar by Suck:UK

A solar powered colored light that charges during the day from sunlight, and turns on when it gets dark, a great gift for any father.

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