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Bentley organic

Bentley organic have a huge range of products available for the house and home.   Their companies’ philosophy is something they adhere to very strictly to ensure they keep their products in line with what their customers expect, nothing but the best organically.

Their company philosophy -

           “Combining expertise with innovation, we have succeeded in producing a unique range of Soil Association certified organic products for you, your family and your home. We provide products of genuine organic integrity at an affordable price, without compromise in formulation or function – making organic lifestyle choices more accessible for all.”

They have 4 core ranges which are –

  • Body Care Range
  • Hair Care Range
  • Baby Care Range
  • Home Care Range

Some of their ranges have just undergone major redesigns, as well as some brand new products being released lately; it shows they are always striving to improve what they have got, as well as bringing out innovative organic products.

At the core of most organic manufacturers is one sole belief, by using organic and as close to natural ingredients as possible without compromising on quality, people will enjoy these products much more than normal every day products.

Bentley Organic take this to a whole new level, by using the best ingredients and researched formulations available, ensuring the product only get released when they are the best they can be.

With so many people turning to organic and more eco friendly products Bentley is now becoming more and more popular.  Even people who don’t necessarily believe in in the natural and organic ethos, once they have tried their range they tend to convert over because of the quality and feel of the products as well of the fragrances which are made using natural ingredients.

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