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All of our Walnuts are of the highest standard in taste and quality.

Walnuts Halves Organic 250g


Walnuts Light Halves Amber Indian 250g


Just Natural Organic Walnut Pieces 250g


Walnuts Halves Chinese 250g


Walnuts Halves Californian 3kg


Suma Organic Walnuts 1 kg


Suma Light Amber Broken Walnuts 1 kg


Suma Broken Walnuts 250g


Suma Light Amber Walnut Halves 1 kg


Walnuts Light Halves Amber 5kg


Crazy Jack Organic Walnut Pieces 100g


Suma Walnut Light Quarters 1 kg


Suma Walnut Halves 125g


Suma Organic Walnuts 375g


Walnuts Light Halves Amber Indian 10kg


Suma Organic Walnuts 250g


Suma Organic Walnuts 2.5 kg


Suma Walnut Light Halves 1 kg


Suma Organic Walnuts 125g


Suma Walnuts Light Amber Broken 5 kg


Suma Walnuts Light Amber Halves 10 kg


Walnuts Pieces Organic 10kg


Pearls of Samarkand Organic F/T Walnuts 150 g


Pearls of Samarkand Organic FT Mung Beans 250 g


Suma Walnut Halves 250g


Walnuts Halves Organic 10kg


Just Natural Walnut Halves LAH 125g


Suma Light 1/4 Walnuts Moldova 10 kg


Suma Light Amber Walnut Halves 5 kg


Suma Organic Walnuts 10 kg


Suma Broken Walnuts 125g

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