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Caring for camellias and where you can buy Camellias

Caring for camellias and where you can buy Camellias

Everyone would want a plant that produces endless flowers and is green during the dull moments of the year when other plants are dormant. However you camellias need to be cared for if they are going to flourish and give you the flowers you desire.


Camellias do not thrive in normal indoor conditions. However they can be kept as indoor plants as long as they are given the right kind of care. Camellias require adequate light, soil, air and water.


When and where to purchase camellias

Camellias are difficult to acquire because they are not widely available like other plants. They also need a long period for cultivation, which results in higher prices. You can obtain camellias from flower shops, garden centers, tree nurseries and specialist camellia growers.


Flower shops and garden centers

The normal have few varieties at a higher state of budding during the Christmas period. The pink-flowering Camellia japonica Elegans is common in most shops and is affordable.


Tree nurseries

They offer a selection of camellias around spring planting time. The camellias are imported from Italy and France .


Specialist camellia growers

There are specialist growers who only concentrate on raising and growing camellias. They normally stock a wide selection of species and varieties throughout the year.


Buying camellias by mail order

There are mail order companies that specialize in camellias and they normally deliver within 2 weeks depending on your location. Mail order companies have colourful catalogue which have useful information and caring techniques for the camellias.


Tips on purchasing camellias


  • Camellias are normally sold in a pot or container, the younger smaller ones being sold in pots while the larger older ones are sold in containers.

  • Purchase camellias that have shiny, fresh leaves. This shows that they are healthy

  • They should have many branches and should only be sold before they are 2 years old

  • The camellia roots must grow and spread throughout the pot, having the white rootlets being visible on the outer edges. The roots should not look brown.

  • Do not use the number of buds as a main criterion for purchasing the camellia

  • Purchase camellias that have tags on them which have the variety name to help you care for the plant correctly

  • Price is normally influenced by the particular variety and its rarity.